If I cannot fly, let me sing

Stephen Sondheim

What is SOAR?

Wild Imaginings, from its inception, has been committed to bringing new and innovative work to the Waco community. SOAR was created to give Waco artists more opportunities to perform and to give the city of Waco greater access to quality performances.

Founded in 2022, SOAR comes after two long and hard years of isolation and division, and music, more than most things, has the power to bring people together through the joy that it brings–both to the performer and the viewer.

Different than a full musical or a band playing, SOAR is created to showcase the voices of Waco, performers who may not otherwise be seen and heard. Ensuring that each event is unique, we hope to create experiences that stir the imagination and showcase the power of music. Through performance, we hope to inspire people to further develop their talents and find their unique voice through music, a medium that we have found to lift spirits, increase confidence, and build community.

Meet the Program Director

Victoria Brewer is a Waco native, and she is excited to see the growth of the city’s theatre scene taking place in leaps and bounds. Moreover, she is excited to be a part of it. Her love of theatre has grown from the age of 9, where she did her first school play here at St. Louis Catholic School of Waco. This sparked a life-long love affair with performance, leading to years of dance lessons, voice lessons, performance studies at McLennan Community College, and years of performing, directing, and even stage managing with Waco Civic Theatre. In addition to extensive experience with Waco community theatre, she also taught classes with Christian Youth Theatre for over 2 years and directed and choreographed multiple children’s shows with Waco Civic. Now, she is thrilled to be embarking upon this new adventure with Wild Imaginings, being able to focus exclusively on her most deeply felt passion: music. A classically trained singer herself, she is excited to share her love of music with the Waco community in a new and innovative way.

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