“Where Creativity Reigns”

Our Story

Wild Imaginings was begun in the winter of 2019, birthed out of the collective desire of local artists to see performing arts be recognized for their importance and be ever-increasing in their quality.

In response to this desire, Wild Imaginings was born. Emphasizing a uniquely local vision for what performing arts can be in Waco, Wild Imaginings seeks to empower local artists, placing an emphasize on new and original work and engaging communities through art-inspired conversations.

Wild Imaginings invites you to now take part in its story. While we have a vision for who we wish to be, we would stand against our own nature should we not actively seek the input and imaginations of the community in which we live and serve. We want to imagine together… So whatever crazy ideas you may have, bring them on. Whatever story that’s been spinning around in your head lately, let’s get it written down and performed somewhere. That one message that you wish the world would take the time to listen to, let’s find a way to help them hear it. We’re here to imagine with you. Our story is your story, so let’s forge the way forward.

Meet the Director

Trent Sutton has lived in Waco for over seven years now and has fallen completely in love with this beautiful city. He originally came to Waco to complete his undergraduate degree at Baylor University, and after completing his BA, went on to pursue a Masters of Divinity at Truett Seminary.

Trent is no stranger to the world of nonprofits, as he has worked in a number of churches, schools, and most recently as Mission Waco’s Jubilee Theatre Director, where he spent the past 3 years developing community programming and directing productions.

Trent’s desire in founding Wild Imaginings is to see the city of Waco spring to life through the vitality which performing arts offer. He believes that “unleashing a person’s creative capacities has the power to change not only their own life but the world around them. And if an individual’s creativity has that much potency, then just imagine what would happen if an entire city tapped into its collective imagination. Let’s perform the possibilities.”

“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

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